8 Schools & Several Religious and Secular Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees Earned:


Dr. Jeremy D. Cox received his formal education from a renowned institution. He dedicated many years to studying and acquiring knowledge in his chosen field. Jeremy's passion for learning allowed him to excel academically, earning him numerous accolades and recognition from his professors. He immersed himself in a wide range of subjects, including theology, religion, sciences, and humanities. Jeremy's commitment to his education was evident in his consistent hard work and determination to succeed. He took advantage of various opportunities, such as internships and research projects, to further enhance his understanding and practical skills. Jeremy's formal education not only provided him with a strong foundation but also instilled in him a lifelong love for learning and personal growth.

Renowned Instructors in both class and by correspondence online:

  • Sis. Kelly Cox, R.N. - my wife and best friend

  • Rev. Lamar Cox - my Dad and my motivator - Former Pastor for over 30 years

  • Dr. Aaron Dawson - my current pastor, and my best friend

  • Dr. Jerry Falwell - Founder / President - Liberty University  (deceased)

  • Dr. Harold Willmington - President / Instructor - Liberty Home Bible Institute  (deceased)

  • Dr. Ed Hindson - The King is Coming College (deceased)

  • Dr. Jack Van Impe - Curriculum Provider - PMI Center for Biblical Studies  (deceased)

  • Dr. M.H. Tabb - Founder / President - Gulf Coast Bible  Institute (retired)

  • Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer - Bethany Divinity College & Seminary  (deceased)

  • Dr. James Hayes - Founder/President - Andersonville Theological Seminary

  • Dr. Paul O. Dabdoub - Founder / President - Slidell Baptist Seminary

  • Ray Comfort - President - The Way of the Master

  • Rev. Kenneth Terry - Pastor/Administrator - Vinemont Christian Academy (retired)

  • and others.